Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is WAYPAA?

Western Australian Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (WAYPAA) is a service committee made up of AA members with under 10 years of sobriety. We host a number of fundraising events for members and their families throughout the year to raise money to put on our annual AA Convention. WAYPAA serves as a great opportunity for those young in sobriety who wish to get involved in service and learn more about the AA service structure, before perhaps joining the Area A or B committees. 

Are WAYPAA events open to those with 10 or more years of sobriety?

All of WAYPAA’s events are open to any AA member, regardless of age in sobriety, as well as their family and friends. 

I can’t afford a ticket, is there a way I can still attend?

Please contact a a committee member via the numbers on the event flyer. We commonly have AA members who purchase an extra ticket so that those who are unable to afford a ticket, can still attend. We also honour members contributing what they can towards a ticket – whether $0.50 or $10.00, we like to encourage members to practice the 7th Tradition where possible and be self-supporting. 

Is WAYPAA considered AA? 

Yes, YPAA service in Alcoholics Anonymous world wide has been well established and known within the AA structure across Australia and internationally. The Australian General Service Office has full support for WAYPAA and other YPAA committees. Internationally, ICYPAA is the International Conference of Young People in AA and was founded in 1958, and they are holding their 63rd Conference in San Francisco in September 2023. Please see the ICYPAA FAQ page for further information on this:

Where do the funds raised by WAYPAA go?

All funds that are raised at our events go towards putting on an annual convention at the end of the year. The leftover funds from the convention then get put back into Perth AA, generally through donations to the CSO, then Areas A and B, Districts, as well as the National Convention when hosted in Perth. There is also a small amount that gets put aside as a reserve for the next year’s WAYPAA committee, for putting on their first event and contributing towards booking a speaker for the convention.

I’m new to sobriety, do I need to have experience or time up to join?

No, WAYPAA kindly welcomes all newcomers under 10 years sober, and provides a great opportunity for those who are new to service to learn more about service in AA.

How can I join the committee?

Committee meetings are held every third Sunday. Please refer to our upcoming events page for the details of our next committee meeting. We look forward to having you join us!